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the website is provided free of charge, for any direct loss;

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Payment Terms and Workflow

Before work can begin, a minimum deposit of 50% will be required. Work will begin once the contract/agreement for the website has been signed and accepted by both parties. After the work begins, the client will receive a presentation of basic design concepts and a detailed discussion on website design details. It is important that the client is completely satisfied with the design of the website. The client will be asked to accept the design and then we will proceed with the completion duration.

We will notify you via email or telephone that your website is now live, after completing the website. The remaining 50% of the total project cost will be due within 7 days after the site is launched if you are 100% satisfied. In the event that the minimum 7-day period is not met, a 10% surcharge will be added. After 30 days, if payment is still not received, a 15% surcharge will be added.

Payment arrangements are required to avoid late fees. Wpwebdesignboise promotes communication at every stage of the process to ensure that payments are made on-time and the final product is delivered correctly.

Payment Terms for Hosting, Maintenance and Related Fees

Wpwebdesignboise provides the client with an invoice that reflects the total amount due, including monthly/annual fees and website/design fees. The invoice will be sent to the client via email. We give them 25 days (including holidays) to make payment. Each invoice has an expiration date, and the client agrees to pay their invoices by that date. Wpwebdesignboise provides a grace period of 7 days past the due date. On the due date of the invoice, we will notify the client of the grace period of 7 days for payment.

* If the client has not paid within 7 days, unless both parties agree otherwise, Wpwebdesignboise has the right, if the payment is still unpaid, to take the website offline, until the payment has been received by the client.

Duration of the project

The average website development and design process takes 5-7 weeks. We will work quickly to deliver a new site within 30 calendar days after the initial payment is received, provided that all marketing materials and content are delivered on time by the client. If, after 7 weeks, the client fails to provide content for the website, Wpwebdesignboise can ask the remaining amount owed and continue to work at the pace of the client.

Copyrights and Trademarks

Wpwebdesignboise retains ownership of your site until the final payment is received. After the final payment, the client owns all rights to the website. This includes all design files, control of domain names, etc. We will not charge a release fee if client wants to change hosting provider. We will request that your website include a link back to Wpwebdesignboise at the bottom of the page as a courtesy. It is entirely up to the client’s discretion.

Website Design Project Copyright & Ownership

Wpwebdesignboise retains the copyright of any website that is produced until payment for all services has been made. Upon receipt of the final payment, the Client owns 100% of the copyright to their website, and any files. Wpwebdesignboise hold the rights to use graphics and other sections of web design as examples in their portfolios. All web design will include a copyright/legal notice with a hyperlink to wpwebdesignboise’ design website/portfolio. This is optional and based on the Client’s preference.